How to pack light and still Look Fab

To travel with a lot of luggage is always discouraged by experts. The trick to hassle-free trips is packing essentials and nothing more. But packing minimally does not mean that one has to compromise on fashion. Read on to know a few tips and tricks on how to pack light and still look fab.

Pack more tops than bottoms: It is unnecessary to carry multiple bottoms while travelling. The same pair of jeans or trousers can be worn with all your shirts/t-shirts. Black jeans or pants are always the right choice as they go with about everything.

Accessorise and adapt: It is possible to instantly glam up your basic tops and tees by adding the right accessories. A different hairdo also goes a long way in this respect.

Pack a scarf and a shawl: Scarves and shawls are the must-carry travelling items. They do everything from providing protection against the sun or the cold to imparting you an effortlessly stylish look. One can easily repeat a dress by taking a scarf or a shawl over it.

Mix and match: A golden rule of packing light that regular travellers swear by is to ensure that the clothes mix and match. This allows you to make multiple combinations and also to layer up if required.

Avoid bold patterns: Pack neutral shades and pair them up with bright stoles and eccentric jewellery. Bold patterns do not go with everything, and therefore, limit your style options.

The shoe story: Choose three pairs of footwear, wear one, and pack the rest two. Though the types you pick depend on the type of trip you are taking but usually these include a pair each of bathroom slippers, strappy sandals and comfortable shoes.

An all-rounder jacket: It makes no sense to pack stuff that can be worn just once during a long trip. Also, one must avoid carrying heavy coats and cardigans because of the extra weight. Keep in mind the weather of your destination and carry a light weight jacket. Jackets can look both, cool as well as classy, depending on what they are paired with.

Solid coloured sweater: Solid colours allow room for experimentation. You can wear one on cold days and layer it up on colder days. Put on complementing jewellery and you can wear it to parties too.

Avoid light colours: They get dirty and stain easily and one is left with carrying around something which cannot be worn.

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